Knappin in Shetland (part 2)

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 My recent Knappin survey asked “If someone from south moves to Shetland and begins to pick up the dialect, can you still tell that they are not from Shetland?”

The results showed that over 94% of respondents selected
Yes or Mostly - leaving less than 6% claiming Sometimes, Rarely or No. This second phase is to determine just how accurate this result is.

You will hear recordings of speakers reading the same paragraph, written in the Shetland dialect. Please decide if you consider the speaker to be a native Shetland dialect speaker or a speaker who has moved to Shetland and has either picked up the dialect or is attempting to mimic the dialect. All speakers live in Shetland.  For the sake of clarity you will be asked simply to select REAL or FAKE following each sound clip.

You may attempt the survey as many times as you like, in fact it would help my research if you did; however, please note that each time you run the survey the sound clips will be presented in a different order.
So that I can compare whether repeated attempts improve your ability to identify REAL or FAKE speakers,  you will shortly be asked to create your own Study ID.  Please use something that you can remember but that is unique to you and always use the same code for each attempt.  (Note that your computer will differentiate between CAPITAL and small letters.)

This survey is entirely anonymous and although I ask you to use a Study ID only you know what it is. I will only ask for your details the first time you run this.

Many thanks for your participation.
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