Farmers commonly use a variety of machinery and equipment to complete farming tasks, including All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs). The aim of this online survey is to learn more about farmer thoughts and behaviours related to sit-astride agricultural ATVs.
The survey should take between 20 and 30mins to complete and will involve answering a range of questions about ATVs including use of ATVs on your farm, ATV regulations, the use of protective equipment and your thoughts on the importance of helmet wearing when riding an ATV.  In order to take part you should be aged 18 or over, a resident in the UK or Ireland, and have some level of ATV riding experience.
The data collected by this survey will be anonymous (we will not ask you for any identifying information such as name or specific location). Your data will be held on a secure password protected PC and will only be accessible by the researchers named at the end of this information page.  The data will be used for three main activities: an undergraduate student thesis, a brief report to farming organisations to support ongoing policies and ATV safety, and for producing an academic paper.
You are free to skip any questions you prefer not to answer and can exit the survey at any time by simply closing your browser window (we will not receive your data unless you complete the questionnaire and hit the ‘submit’ button at the end).
This survey has been approved by the University of Aberdeen, School of Psychology ethics committee.
If you have any questions about the research or survey, please contact the researcher and / or project supervisor:
Jana Mihulkova:
Dr Amy Irwin:
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